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Browne Trading Company is the premier supplier of fine caviar, 新鲜的海鲜, 贝类, and smoked 海鲜 to both elite restaurants and home kitchens across the U.S.

Browne Trading: a Unique Company with a Passion for Excellence

Consistent – 溢价 – Quality


Direct Importers of Fine 鱼子酱

Browne Trading is the only company in the United States that co-brands with producers of caviar. We work closely with sturgeon farms in Belgium, Italy, Israel, China, and the U.S.A.


Expert 鱼子酱 Master

Our 鱼子酱 Master, Richard Hall, maintains Browne Trading's premium caviar selection. With more than 30 years of caviar industry experience, Hall ensures our demanding clientele are never left disappointed.


Smoking 海鲜 On-site

在布朗的交易, all of our premium smoked 海鲜 is produced onsite in our Portland, 缅因州的设施. Over the decades we have perfected our smoking process.


新鲜的海鲜 from 缅因州 & 除了

在布朗的交易, we source only the highest quality 新鲜的海鲜 available worldwide. In our pursuit of perfection, our supply of 新鲜的海鲜 has become both exceptional and consistent.

The World's Finest 鱼子酱

Browne Trading has been operating out of the working waterfront in Portland, 缅因州, for almost 30 years. 在这段时间, Browne has developed an international reputation for sourcing only the finest imported and American caviars. 请放心, when you buy caviar online from Browne Trading that you know where the caviar has been sourced and that it is of pristine quality and freshness.


高质量的 烟熏海鲜

All of our smoked 海鲜 is smoked at Browne Trading. In our renowned Smoked Atlantic 大马哈鱼 line, we use only the finest Atlantic salmon fillets raised off of Scotland's pristine waters. No preservatives, chemicals, or dyes are used in our curing process. To suit all tastes, we offer a wide variety of smoked salmons, made subtly distinct by using all-natural ingredients.

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溢价 新鲜的海鲜

We are proud to supply many of the nation’s most celebrated chefs with our 新鲜的海鲜 every day. Whether from our local 缅因州 water or abroad, we never compromise on our fish or 贝类's quality. You can buy the same 海鲜 online that professional chefs use daily and experience it in your own kitchen. Buy our fresh fish and 贝类 today and have it delivered to your door, simply and securely, 明天.

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The World's Best Chefs

Choose Browne Trading

Chef Thomas Keller

Rod Mitchell was always there to provide me with the best quality fish available. It is a relationship – and friendship- that we cherish greatly.

Chef Thomas Keller

法国的衣服 & 本身

Rod Browne Mitchell

It is our goal to offer only the finest 海鲜 and caviars, provide exemplary service to our distinguished clientele, practice responsible 海鲜 sourcing, and continue the pursuit of perfection in our business.

Rod Browne Mitchell

Founder and President, Browne Trading Co.

Chef Daniel Boulud

When I’m looking for the best quality caviar and the freshest 海鲜 to serve my demanding New York clientele, I rely on Rod Mitchell’s consistently superior product.

Chef Daniel Boulud



Rod Mitchell has selected 新鲜的海鲜 for me for the past 15 years. I find quality and supply exceptional and consistent.


Le Bernardin

Browne Trading in The Press

High praise from around the world

The Washington Post

“There is no hauter food shop around than Browne Trading.”


“More than 20 years ago, Mitchell and acclaimed chef Daniel Boulud came up with a grading system—known as 'The Three Ts'—to assess caviar.”


“Mitchell has made Freshness, Quality and Innovation the hallmarks of his business.”


“Today, (Browne Trading) continues to be the nation’s leading purveyor of ultra-premium 海鲜.”


“There is no better way to sample exquisitely 新鲜的海鲜 than ordering from Browne Trading.”

食物 & 酒

“Today, (Browne Trading) continues to be the nation’s leading purveyor of ultra-premium 海鲜.”


“You’d be hard pressed to find a door-to-door delivery service offering finer fish than this one.”


“When it comes to variety and quality, Rod Mitchell outfishes them all.”

食物 Arts Magazine

“Browne Trading Company(‘s)… selection, quality and overnight delivery have expanded the creative horizons of chefs coast to coast”